Namespace ExtensionΒΆ

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Extension that adjust project file tree to include a namespace package.

This extension adds a **namespace** option to
:obj:`~pyscaffold.api.create_project` and provides correct values for the
options **root_pkg** and **namespace_pkg** to the following functions in the
action list.

import argparse
import os
from os.path import isdir
from os.path import join as join_path

from .. import templates, utils
from ..api import Extension, helpers
from ..log import logger

class Namespace(Extension):
    """Add a namespace (container package) to the generated package."""

    def augment_cli(self, parser):
        """Add an option to parser that enables the namespace extension.

            parser (argparse.ArgumentParser): CLI parser object
            help="put your project inside a namespace package",

    def activate(self, actions):
        """Register an action responsible for adding namespace to the package.

            actions (list): list of actions to perform

            list: updated list of actions
        actions = helpers.register(
            actions, enforce_namespace_options, after="get_default_options"

        actions = helpers.register(actions, add_namespace, before="apply_update_rules")

        return helpers.register(actions, move_old_package, after="create_structure")

def create_namespace_parser(obj_ref):
    """Create a namespace parser.

        obj_ref (Extension): object reference to the actual extension

        NamespaceParser: parser for namespace cli argument

    class NamespaceParser(argparse.Action):
        """Consumes the values provided, but also appends the extension
        function to the extensions list.

        def __call__(self, parser, namespace, values, option_string=None):

            # Now the extra parameters can be stored
            setattr(namespace, self.dest, values)

            # save the namespace cli argument for later
            obj_ref.args = values

    return NamespaceParser

def enforce_namespace_options(struct, opts):
    """Make sure options reflect the namespace usage."""
    opts.setdefault("namespace", None)

    if opts["namespace"]:
        opts["ns_list"] = utils.prepare_namespace(opts["namespace"])
        opts["root_pkg"] = opts["ns_list"][0]
        opts["qual_pkg"] = ".".join([opts["ns_list"][-1], opts["package"]])

    return struct, opts

def add_namespace(struct, opts):
    """Prepend the namespace to a given file structure

        struct (dict): directory structure as dictionary of dictionaries
        opts (dict): options of the project

        tuple(dict, dict):
            directory structure as dictionary of dictionaries and input options
    if not opts["namespace"]:
        return struct, opts

    namespace = opts["ns_list"][-1].split(".")
    base_struct = struct
    struct = base_struct[opts["project"]]["src"]
    pkg_struct = struct[opts["package"]]
    del struct[opts["package"]]
    for sub_package in namespace:
        struct[sub_package] = {"": templates.namespace(opts)}
        struct = struct[sub_package]
    struct[opts["package"]] = pkg_struct

    return base_struct, opts

def move_old_package(struct, opts):
    """Move old package that may be eventually created without namespace

        struct (dict): directory structure as dictionary of dictionaries
        opts (dict): options of the project

        tuple(dict, dict):
            directory structure as dictionary of dictionaries and input options
    old_path = join_path(opts["project"], "src", opts["package"])
    namespace_path = opts["qual_pkg"].replace(".", os.sep)
    target = join_path(opts["project"], "src", namespace_path)

    old_exists = opts["pretend"] or isdir(old_path)
    #  ^  When pretending, pretend also an old folder exists
    #     to show a worst case scenario log to the user...

    if old_exists and opts["qual_pkg"] != opts["package"]:
        if not opts["pretend"]:
                "\nA folder %r exists in the project directory, and it is "
                "likely to have been generated by a PyScaffold extension or "
                "manually by one of the current project authors.\n"
                "Moving it to %r, since a namespace option was passed.\n"
                "Please make sure to edit all the files that depend on this "
                "package to ensure the correct location.\n",

        utils.move(old_path, target=target, log=True, pretend=opts["pretend"])

    return struct, opts