PyScaffold is developed by Blue Yonder developers to help automating and standardizing the process of project setups. You are very welcome to join in our effort if you would like to contribute.


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Bug Reports

If you experience bugs or in general issues with PyScaffold, please file a bug report to our Bug Tracker.


If you would like to contribute to PyScaffold, fork the main repository on GitHub with the help of Git, then submit a “pull request” (PR):

  1. Create an account on GitHub if you do not already have one.

  2. Fork the project repository: click on the Fork button near the top of the page. This creates a copy of the code under your account on the GitHub server.

  3. Clone this copy to your local disk:

    git clone
  4. Run python egg_info after a fresh checkout. This will generate some critically needed files.

  5. Create a branch to hold your changes:

    git checkout -b my-feature

    and start making changes. Never work on the master branch!

  6. Start your work on this branch. When you’re done editing, do:

    git add modified_files
    git commit

    to record your changes in Git, then push them to GitHub with:

    git push -u origin my-feature
  7. Go to the web page of your PyScaffold fork, and click “Create pull request” to send your changes to the maintainers for review. Find more detailed information here.