Source code for pyscaffold.contrib.ptr

Copyright Jason R. Coombs



import os as _os
import shlex as _shlex
import contextlib as _contextlib
import sys as _sys
import operator as _operator
import itertools as _itertools

    # ensure that map has the same meaning on Python 2
    from future_builtins import map
except ImportError:

import pkg_resources
import setuptools.command.test as orig
from setuptools import Distribution

def _save_argv(repl=None):
    saved = _sys.argv[:]
    if repl is not None:
        _sys.argv[:] = repl
        yield saved
        _sys.argv[:] = saved

[docs]@_contextlib.contextmanager def null(): yield
[docs]class CustomizedDist(Distribution): allow_hosts = None index_url = None
[docs] def fetch_build_egg(self, req): """ Specialized version of Distribution.fetch_build_egg that respects respects allow_hosts and index_url. """ from setuptools.command.easy_install import easy_install dist = Distribution({'script_args': ['easy_install']}) dist.parse_config_files() opts = dist.get_option_dict('easy_install') keep = ( 'find_links', 'site_dirs', 'index_url', 'optimize', 'site_dirs', 'allow_hosts' ) for key in list(opts): if key not in keep: del opts[key] # don't use any other settings if self.dependency_links: links = self.dependency_links[:] if 'find_links' in opts: links = opts['find_links'][1].split() + links opts['find_links'] = ('setup', links) if self.allow_hosts: opts['allow_hosts'] = ('test', self.allow_hosts) if self.index_url: opts['index_url'] = ('test', self.index_url) install_dir_func = getattr(self, 'get_egg_cache_dir', _os.getcwd) install_dir = install_dir_func() cmd = easy_install( dist, args=["x"], install_dir=install_dir, exclude_scripts=True, always_copy=False, build_directory=None, editable=False, upgrade=False, multi_version=True, no_report=True, user=False ) cmd.ensure_finalized() return cmd.easy_install(req)
[docs]class PyTest(orig.test): """ >>> import setuptools >>> dist = setuptools.Distribution() >>> cmd = PyTest(dist) """ user_options = [ ('extras', None, "Install (all) setuptools extras when running tests"), ('index-url=', None, "Specify an index url from which to retrieve " "dependencies"), ('allow-hosts=', None, "Whitelist of comma-separated hosts to allow " "when retrieving dependencies"), ('addopts=', None, "Additional options to be passed verbatim to the " "pytest runner") ]
[docs] def initialize_options(self): self.extras = False self.index_url = None self.allow_hosts = None self.addopts = []
[docs] def finalize_options(self): if self.addopts: self.addopts = _shlex.split(self.addopts)
[docs] @staticmethod def marker_passes(marker): """ Given an environment marker, return True if the marker is valid and matches this environment. """ return ( not marker or not pkg_resources.invalid_marker(marker) and pkg_resources.evaluate_marker(marker) )
@staticmethod def _install_dists_compat(dist): """ Copy of install_dists from setuptools 27.3.0. """ ir_d = dist.fetch_build_eggs(dist.install_requires or []) tr_d = dist.fetch_build_eggs(dist.tests_require or []) return _itertools.chain(ir_d, tr_d)
[docs] def install_dists(self, dist): """ Extend install_dists to include extras support """ i_d = getattr(orig.test, 'install_dists', self._install_dists_compat) return _itertools.chain(i_d(dist), self.install_extra_dists(dist))
[docs] def install_extra_dists(self, dist): """ Install extras that are indicated by markers or install all extras if '--extras' is indicated. """ extras_require = dist.extras_require or {} spec_extras = ( (spec.partition(':'), reqs) for spec, reqs in extras_require.items() ) matching_extras = ( reqs for (name, sep, marker), reqs in spec_extras # include unnamed extras or all if self.extras indicated if (not name or self.extras) # never include extras that fail to pass marker eval and self.marker_passes(marker) ) results = list(map(dist.fetch_build_eggs, matching_extras)) return _itertools.chain.from_iterable(results)
[docs] @staticmethod def paths_on_pythonpath(paths): """ Backward compatibility for paths_on_pythonpath; Returns a null context if paths_on_pythonpath is not implemented in orig.test. Note that this also means that the paths iterable is never consumed, which incidentally means that the None values from dist.fetch_build_eggs in older Setuptools will be disregarded. """ try: return orig.test.paths_on_pythonpath(paths) except AttributeError: return null()
def _super_run(self): dist = CustomizedDist() for attr in 'allow_hosts index_url'.split(): setattr(dist, attr, getattr(self, attr)) for attr in ( 'dependency_links install_requires ' 'tests_require extras_require ' ).split(): setattr(dist, attr, getattr(self.distribution, attr)) installed_dists = self.install_dists(dist) if self.dry_run: self.announce('skipping tests (dry run)') return paths = map(_operator.attrgetter('location'), installed_dists) with self.paths_on_pythonpath(paths): self.with_project_on_sys_path(self.run_tests)
[docs] def run(self): """ Override run to ensure requirements are available in this session (but don't install them anywhere). """ self._super_run() if self.result_code: raise SystemExit(self.result_code) return self.result_code
@property def _argv(self): return ['pytest'] + self.addopts
[docs] def run_tests(self): """ Invoke pytest, replacing argv. """ with _save_argv(_sys.argv[:1] + self.addopts): self.result_code = __import__('pytest').main()