Source code for pyscaffold.contrib.setuptools_scm.git

from .utils import do_ex, trace, has_command
from .version import meta

from os.path import isfile, join
import subprocess
import tarfile
import warnings

    from os.path import samefile
except ImportError:
    from .win_py31_compat import samefile

DEFAULT_DESCRIBE = 'git describe --dirty --tags --long --match *.*'

[docs]class GitWorkdir(object): """experimental, may change at any time""" def __init__(self, path): self.path = path
[docs] def do_ex(self, cmd): return do_ex(cmd, cwd=self.path)
[docs] @classmethod def from_potential_worktree(cls, wd): real_wd, _, ret = do_ex('git rev-parse --show-toplevel', wd) if ret: return trace('real root', real_wd) if not samefile(real_wd, wd): return return cls(real_wd)
[docs] def is_dirty(self): out, _, _ = self.do_ex("git status --porcelain --untracked-files=no") return bool(out)
[docs] def is_shallow(self): return isfile(join(self.path, '.git/shallow'))
[docs] def fetch_shallow(self): self.do_ex("git fetch --unshallow")
[docs] def node(self): rev_node, _, ret = self.do_ex('git rev-parse --verify --quiet HEAD') if not ret: return rev_node[:7]
[docs] def count_all_nodes(self): revs, _, _ = self.do_ex('git rev-list HEAD') return revs.count('\n') + 1
[docs]def warn_on_shallow(wd): """experimental, may change at any time""" if wd.is_shallow(): warnings.warn('"%s" is shallow and may cause errors' % (wd.path,))
[docs]def fetch_on_shallow(wd): """experimental, may change at any time""" if wd.is_shallow(): warnings.warn('"%s" was shallow, git fetch was used to rectify') wd.fetch_shallow()
[docs]def fail_on_shallow(wd): """experimental, may change at any time""" if wd.is_shallow(): raise ValueError( '%r is shallow, please correct with ' '"git fetch --unshallow"' % wd.path)
[docs]def parse(root, describe_command=DEFAULT_DESCRIBE, pre_parse=warn_on_shallow): """ :param pre_parse: experimental pre_parse action, may change at any time """ if not has_command('git'): return wd = GitWorkdir.from_potential_worktree(root) if wd is None: return if pre_parse: pre_parse(wd) out, err, ret = do_ex(describe_command, root) if ret: # If 'git describe' failed, try to get the information otherwise. rev_node = wd.node() dirty = wd.is_dirty() if rev_node is None: return meta('0.0', distance=0, dirty=dirty) return meta( '0.0', distance=wd.count_all_nodes(), node='g' + rev_node, dirty=dirty, ) # 'out' looks e.g. like 'v1.5.0-0-g4060507' or # 'v1.15.1rc1-37-g9bd1298-dirty'. if out.endswith('-dirty'): dirty = True out = out[:-6] else: dirty = False tag, number, node = out.rsplit('-', 2) number = int(number) if number: return meta(tag, distance=number, node=node, dirty=dirty) else: return meta(tag, node=node, dirty=dirty)
[docs]def list_files_in_archive(path): """List the files that 'git archive' generates. """ cmd = ['git', 'archive', 'HEAD'] proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, cwd=path) tf =, mode='r|*') return [ for member in tf.getmembers() if member.type != tarfile.DIRTYPE]