Source code for pyscaffold.contrib.setuptools_scm.hg

import os
from .utils import do, trace, data_from_mime, has_command
from .version import meta, tags_to_versions

FILES_COMMAND = 'hg locate -I .'

def _hg_tagdist_normalize_tagcommit(root, tag, dist, node):
    dirty = node.endswith('+')
    node = 'h' + node.strip('+')

    # Detect changes since the specified tag
    revset = ("(branch(.)"  # look for revisions in this branch only
              " and tag({tag!r})::."  # after the last tag
              # ignore commits that only modify .hgtags and nothing else:
              " and (merge() or file('re:^(?!\.hgtags).*$'))"
              " and not tag({tag!r}))"  # ignore the tagged commit itself
    if tag != '0.0':
        commits = do(['hg', 'log', '-r', revset, '--template', '{node|short}'],
        commits = True
    trace('normalize', locals())
    if commits or dirty:
        return meta(tag, distance=dist, node=node, dirty=dirty)
        return meta(tag)

[docs]def parse(root): if not has_command('hg'): return identity_data = do('hg id -i -t', root).split() if not identity_data: return node = identity_data.pop(0) tags = tags_to_versions(identity_data) # filter tip in degraded mode on old setuptools tags = [x for x in tags if x != 'tip'] dirty = node[-1] == '+' if tags: return meta(tags[0], dirty=dirty) if node.strip('+') == '0'*12: trace('initial node', root) return meta('0.0', dirty=dirty) # the newline is needed for merge stae, see issue 72 cmd = 'hg parents --template "{latesttag} {latesttagdistance}\n"' out = do(cmd, root) try: # in merge state we assume parent 1 is fine tags, dist = out.splitlines()[0].split() # pick latest tag from tag list tag = tags.split(':')[-1] if tag == 'null': tag = '0.0' dist = int(dist) + 1 return _hg_tagdist_normalize_tagcommit(root, tag, dist, node) except ValueError: pass # unpacking failed, old hg
[docs]def archival_to_version(data): trace('data', data) node = data.get('node', '')[:12] if node: node = 'h' + node if 'tag' in data: return meta(data['tag']) elif 'latesttag' in data: return meta(data['latesttag'], distance=data['latesttagdistance'], node=node) else: return meta('0.0', node=node)
[docs]def parse_archival(root): archival = os.path.join(root, '.hg_archival.txt') data = data_from_mime(archival) return archival_to_version(data)