Source code for pyscaffold.contrib.setuptools_scm.integration

import os

from .version import _warn_if_setuptools_outdated
from .utils import do
from .discover import iter_matching_entrypoints
from . import get_version

[docs]def version_keyword(dist, keyword, value): _warn_if_setuptools_outdated() if not value: return if value is True: value = {} if getattr(value, '__call__', None): value = value() # this piece of code is a hack to counter the mistake in root finding matching_fallbacks = iter_matching_entrypoints( '.', 'setuptools_scm.parse_scm_fallback') if any(matching_fallbacks): value.pop('root', None) dist.metadata.version = get_version(**value)
[docs]def find_files(path='.'): if not path: path = '.' abs = os.path.abspath(path) ep = next(iter_matching_entrypoints( abs, 'setuptools_scm.files_command'), None) if ep: command = ep.load() try: if isinstance(command, str): return do(ep.load(), path).splitlines() else: return command(path) except Exception: print("File Finder Failed for %s" % ep) raise else: return []