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PyScaffold helps you to easily setup a new Python project, it is as easy as:

putup my_project

This will create a new folder my_project containing a perfect project template with everything you need for some serious coding. After the usual:

python develop

you are all set and ready to go, meaning that in a Python shell you can do:

>>> from my_project.skeleton import fib
>>> fib(10)

Type putup -h to learn about more configuration options. PyScaffold assumes that you have Git installed and set up on your PC, meaning at least your name and email configured. The project template in my_project provides you with a lot of features. PyScaffold is compatible with Python 2.7 and Python greater equal 3.4.


Currently PyScaffold 3.0 needs at least Python 3.4 due to a bug in setuptools that only affects Python 2. For the time being use PyScaffold 2.5.8 for Python 2.7 instead.

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