Source code for pyscaffold.extensions.config

"""CLI options for using/saving preferences as PyScaffold config files."""
import argparse
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, List

from configupdater import ConfigUpdater

from .. import api, info, operations, templates
from . import Extension, store_with

if TYPE_CHECKING:  # pragma: no cover
    from ..actions import Action, ActionParams, ScaffoldOpts, Structure

[docs]class Config(Extension): """Add a few useful options for creating/using PyScaffold config files.""" persist = False
[docs] def augment_cli(self, parser: argparse.ArgumentParser): default_file = info.config_file(default=None) default_help = f" (defaults to: {default_file})" if default_file else "" group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group() group.add_argument( "--config", dest="config_files", metavar="CONFIG_FILE", nargs="+", type=Path, help=f"config file to read PyScaffold's preferences{default_help}", ) group.add_argument( "--no-config", dest="config_files", action="store_const", const=api.NO_CONFIG, help="prevent PyScaffold from reading its default config file", ) parser.add_argument( "--save-config", dest="save_config", action=store_with(self), nargs="?", const=default_file, default=argparse.SUPPRESS, type=Path, help=f"save the given options in a config file{default_help}", ) return self
[docs] def activate(self, actions: List["Action"]) -> List["Action"]: return actions[:-1] + [save, actions[-1]] # Just before the last action
[docs]def save(struct: "Structure", opts: "ScaffoldOpts") -> "ActionParams": """Save the given opts as preferences in a PyScaffold's config file.""" config = ConfigUpdater() if not opts.get("save_config"): file = info.config_file() else: file = Path(opts["save_config"]) if file.exists():, encoding="utf-8") else: config.read_string( "# PyScaffold's configuration file, see:\n" "#\n#\n" "# Accepted in `metadata`: author, author_email and license.\n" "# Accepted in `pyscaffold`: extensions (and associated opts).\n" ) if "metadata" not in config: config.add_section("metadata") # We will add metadata just if they are not the default ones metadata = config["metadata"] defaults = [ ("author", opts["author"], info.username()), ("author_email", opts["email"],, ("license", opts["license"], api.DEFAULT_OPTIONS["license"]), ] metadata.update({k: v for k, v, default in defaults if v != default}) templates.add_pyscaffold(config, opts) operations.create(file, str(config), opts) # operations provide logging and pretend return struct, opts